Your Emotional
Hostage Negotiator
to the Rescue!

As a seasoned educator with over
20 years of experience,
I bring a wealth of knowledge
and a deep understanding
of the challenges faced by both
educators and digital nomads.

Drawing upon my
extensive background in education
and my own personal mental health journey,
I am uniquely positioned to guide you through
mindfulness practices that address specific
work/life stressors, burnout,
feelings of isolation,
and self-limiting beliefs commonly
encountered in these dynamic environments.

Let me leverage my experiences and expertise
to free you from feeling emotionally hijacked
so you can feel empowered to live a life
of greater well-being and resilience in both
your professional and personal pursuits.

Billy Lahr

Certified Mindfulness
Meditation Teacher

Host of The Mindful Midlife Crisis


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Elevate Your Mental & Physical Health

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being? As both a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and NASM certified personal trainer, I offer a unique blend of mental health services as well as physical fitness programs that will guide you towards living a happier and healthier life by establishing more consistency, discipline, patience, and self-compassion. My 1:1 and small group sessions are designed to help you achieve balance, resilience, and vitality.  Let me help you jump start your life! 

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Introduction to Mindfulness

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Mindfulness for Anxiety

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Living Mindfully with ADHD

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Success Stories & Testimonials

Here's what others are saying about Billy

"I had the privilege of actively participating in both group lessons conducted through both Zoom and in-person formats, as well as engaging in insightful 1:1 session. Throughout the course, I continuously marveled at the profound impact mindfulness had on various aspects of my life. Billy's expertise, compassionate and non-judgmental nature, along with calm and clear voice, created an atmosphere of remarkable peace within me. Each session brought forth new insights and learnings, and every interaction fostered personal growth, deepened my self-reflection, and contributed to my overall development."

Lilis P. Singapore

"I've been fortunate enough to be a member of Billy's mindfulness community here in Seoul and what a gift to have found a place to slow down and reset in an otherwise fast paced city. I appreciate the ease with which he settles us into the moment as well as the care and craft put into every meditation. He is a natural leader. I've maintained a meditation practice for some time yet Billy continually prompts new awareness with each session!"

Young C. Seoul, South Korea

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